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Nov 12, 2012 5:00am PST
but sometimes the applications don't always make it to the registrar of voters. >>> this morning in syria, a fighter jet bammed a part of syria near the turkish border. now the force of the blast shattered shop windows. all of this comes as anti government troops reached a deal under pressure from the international community. well another insider attack led a u.s. coalition and an afghan army soldier shot and killed a british shoulder. 60 service members have been killed so far in about 45 of the so called insider attacks. they are raising questions about how affectively they can train afghans to take over security of the of a dance in 20 -- afghans in 2014. >>> and shocking accusations of general david petraeus after he admitted an extra marital affair. they are tell us why who knew what and when. >>> there is questions including some congressional leaders have not been told earlier. paula broad well sent harassing e-mails to the director and now dianne finestein plans on investigating. >> this is something that could have had an affect on national security and i think we should have bee
Nov 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
leaders in syria. the change in policy comes after the syrian kraus fails. it crash council fails. -- hillary rodham clinton said we have to protect the country from oppositionests. >> we will be strongly dealing with the syrian resolution. >>> and they met with china's foreign minister to stop it and they are willing to work with the international community but there is more being determined by the syrian people. >>> they are looking to help victims of dan sandy. now if you want to give, give money, not food or clothing. check the name again. scam artists sound similar to legitimate groups and be careful of e-mails. >>> amphibian is set to be closed in an east bay park. now it begins november of every year and that's because california news have to cross safely. they are headed for the pond to mate with other news. knew the crossing. >>> what else are we watching out for this morning? >> we are watching out for the wet roads and traffic will be busy in many areas because of the rain and steve said that is falling apart and this is a look at fremont. we had an earlier crash on the
Nov 13, 2012 5:00am PST
this morning, chaos spreading in the area of syria, they are spreading for a second day near the border of turkey. we are told at least one person has died. yesterday 20 more people were killed in air strikes in this same area. the violence has killed more than 36,000 people since the uprising in march of last year. >>> and now in washington state, they will try for a second time to reach two snowboarders. the bad weather forced the rescuers to back off. these snowboarders became lost as they were coming down from a storm. park officials say they were able to build a snow cave to get shelter from the cold. >>> they are hoping to put pressure on lawmakers and avoid this so called fiscal cliff. and in washingtond.c. newsroom, here is the campaign, jacqueline? >>> they want the president to come up with a measure he sees fit. he is kicking off meetings centering around the problems facing the nation. spending cuts will go into effect at the beginning of the year unless congress acts. they want lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy and tomorrow the president will meet with business execut
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3